Analyzing Opponents in Online Poker

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In the real life poker, you can tell a couple of things about other players instantly. A few characteristics are (commonly) obvious, like their daily preferences, sex and their age range, at the same time there are other things you may unwittingly take for granted, like what time zone they are currently live in. There are also other characteristics not easily in view, like those ‘ticks and tells’ most players show in the game. Certainly, the cyber variant of poker is an entirely different animal. A player may play with opponents from many different time zones and also from other countries. The cyberspace gives you a horde of opponents located in many places. An opponent may play at noon or while others may play in 3 AM. A worn out player is frequently easier and faster to beat than an alert opponent.

Every tidbit of information and details can be valuable to you as a player, while the poker game moves on. Say, a man playing from a town that hosts a baseball match may be following the match on TV while he uses the notebook to play online poker. Find any advantages you can use to leverage your chance of success, even the smallest of information threads can help, since the most insignificant advantage is clearly better than none, unfortunately in the cyberspace, advantages are a lot harder to glean. A player loses a great deal by not having his opponents seated with him at the table.

Not all players you meet in the cyberpoker table uses English as their primary language (Although, you may still bump into language roadblock in foreign casinos); some players may not talk English entirely. It’s OK; their cash is still valuable (and always remember, so is yours), although you won’t have brisk conversations with them. In most poker sites, when you hover the mouse cursor on an opponent’s name you will get information on his hometown and time zone. Do it, it may help you win your games.

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