How to Choose a Good Online Poker Tournament

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If you are a fan of big action, weak winning hands, and strong bluffs, you might be the right person for the online poker tournament.

After you log in to a poker site and grab a seat in the cash game, you may keep playing until you simply run out of cash or choose to leave. The length of your stay is up to you; however, there are some facets of cash games you need to keep in mind if you want to stay longer in a poker game.

It certainly pays to know whom you are going up against. If you have been playing in the tournament for a while, you should have notes on a few of the opponents who play in the game, you want to look for some soft spots. Just take the time to analyze the lineups in every game at the limits you are willing to play and get a seat or take on the waiting list in poker games where you identify players you believe you can beat. Some players leak their money in all kinds of interesting ways: chasing any flush draw, calling excessively early in hands, not realizing when they are beat, and habitually calling at the end to take a look on your cards when they get a weak hand. If you play $2/$4 or $3/$6 games, you may think that those little bets are insignificant, but if a player in each hand makes a two bucks call they should not, there will be $90 more in circulation each hour. It is your task to capitalize on their slips and at the same time minimizing your own.

When you log in to a site, you need to take a look at the available information shown in the lobby to allow you choose a game according to something other than a stylish table name. The game list usually displays the player number in a table and the average amount of pot size. If you find a game with an average pot amount that is larger than what you will find in other games, it could indicate the presence of a maniacal player who consistently raise at will, causing the game to be a lot more costly to play and elevating the swings you will go through. If you enjoy playing at a poker table with wild action, particularly if you are a regular $5/$10 player and have adequate bankroll to soak up some short-term reverses, feel free to grab the seat. However, if you’re uncomfortable with playing in a game with pots that are consistently raised on each hand, check the list for another easier game and with lower limit. Finally, keep in mind that there are some good poker sites out there. If you can’t get a game that matches your tastes, try another site.

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