How to Formulate Correct Strategy in Online Poker

Aside from having adequate money on the game to call all raises and bets for the next round of betting, what can a player do to advance in online poker games? Other than creating a surrounding that is comfortable and improve your playing style, there are a few things you may do to approach an online poker game sensibly.

It Makes Sense to Limit Your Playing Hours

Winning players, particularly those poker players whose average winning is more than one huge bet each hour, are usually coming around to an idea that they shouldn’t play with a specific monetary target in mind. Alternatively, those players put in a certain number of hours each day and accept the result when they are done. Because they have established themselves as favorites regardless of where or when they play, they are not afraid to get out from a good game. After all, those tables they play in the next day, or when they return from a golf round this afternoon, are certainly almost as good.

It Makes Sense to Limit Your Losses

Deciding how much money you are willing to risk during any poker session is an important decision you should make whenever you log in to a poker site. Even if you are a poker player with a lot of cash in the bank, it is still important to figure the amount of your cash you want to risk in general and during a particular day. One helpful guideline to follow is that if you lose a couple of buy-ins in a session, it is either time to find a lower limit game or leave the site. If you are playing $5/$10, buy in for $200, and lose a total of $400, then it is simply just not your day. If you think you can beat the poker game and your financial situation can stand the unexpected losses, don’t be afraid to plop a few hundred dollars on the table. Sometimes, you are at all suspicious with the game, you are tired, or you are playing at an uncomfortable high limit, then you need to strongly consider a game with lower limit or calling it quits. A wonderful thing about online poker is that you may find games with limits as low as $0.05/$0.10, although games in the $0.50/$1.00 range are always available if you are on a losing streak or you are waiting for your deposit to go through.

It Doesn’t Make Sense to Limit Your Wins

I’ve heard enough talk about capping one’s wins, or quit playing after you reach your daily winning goal, it makes me wonder, what these people have been smoking. If a game is good, then why in the world would a player wants to leave his seat and let other player come in and snatch money that is rightfully his?
Another theory that says you need to stop playing after you have given back half of your win, isn’t quite as foolish.

Your mental attitude probably will not be very positive after you have given back $200 or $300, so it is not unreasonable for a player to cash out and to be happy with the remaining cash he did win for the day. But then, if you think you are a strong favorite in a game, you are playing well, and other players have been getting miracle cards for the past few hours, you shouldn’t leave the game. You are still a favorite! Why? Say you are playing Texas Hold ’em and your opponent has upgraded his two-pair to a full house hand 5 times in a row, overcoming 5:1 odds consistently. Given that other player have upgraded five times in a row, then what are the odds that a player will upgrade his two-pair to a full house hand? It is still 5:1 against; what has happened previously has no bearing on your current hand.